Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mes de Patria

Patriotic month.

On the 15th of this month is Independence Day here, as it is in most of Latin America. The blue, white and red flags and decorations are showing up everywhere. Houses have decorations. The classrooms and hallways have accordion streamers and balls, flags and the shield of Costa Rica decoration. The street vendors have replaced or added to their wares of fruit, drinks, and cellphone accessories with flags of all sizes and the traditional candle-lit paper house lanterns.

All this week, La Palabra de Vida (and every other school around the country) is having almost daily civics assemblies with dancing, recitations, national hymns, and skits. Lizzy's class is participating in the assembly next Monday with a traditional dance. We decided to buy the full outfit, for the assembly, but also to take with us as a souvenir of our time in Costa Rica. Though not traditionally in the colors of the Costa Rica flag, this skirt is essential in the traditional dance. Lizzy was so proud of her new dress that she performed her dance for me (Christy)without music in the front yard. She takes her participation in the dance very seriously and has put much practice into it.

From Lizzy dancing

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